11 Ugly Celebrity Cars That Will Upset You

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When you’re earning millions of dollars from paychecks and endorsements, like these celebrities, you can surely get away with anything — even owning an ugly luxury car.

If you think you can go through this list without wanting to rip your eyes out because of how ugly and tasteless these celebrity cars are, then read on.

You’ve been warned!


1. Justin Bieber’s Leopard Print Audi R8

Most men would die to own an Audi R8, but they would surely NOT want to own this one that has leopard print on it. What makes this vehicle even more controversial is that it is owned by none other than Justin Bieber. With this kind of paint job for his car, Bieber is really wanting some attention.


2. Cam’ron’s Pink Range Rover

Why the hell would you paint your Range Rover pink? Rapper Cam’ron sure doesn’t have a problem with it. And it seems like he’s such a big fan of the color, that he even customized his car’s whole interior an ugly shade of pink!


3. Chris Brown’s Lamborghini Aventador

You might think that Chris Brown’s inspiration for this ugly paint job is a winter camouflage, right? Wrong! Breezy’s inspiration, sadly, is no other than Nike’s Foamposite One “Fighter Jet”.

Why would you choose to paint a sexy Aventador like a freaking sneaker, right?!


4. Chris Brown’s Tupac Lambo

Oh no, Chris Brown isn’t done playing with his Lambos. Here’s his Lamborghini Gallardo which he chose to paint with the lyrics of Tupac’s song, “Lord Knows.” OK, he’s a really big fan of Tupac, but why would you slap lyrics on a $500,000 car? You’ve got to be out of your mind, Chris Brown!


5. Deadmau5’s Purrari

Even Ferrari wasn’t happy when Deadmau5 decided to paint his 458 Spider with the meme Nyan Cat. In fact, a lawyer of the Italian supercar manufacturer even sent the record producer a cease and desist order with regards to his “Purrari.”

Good thing for Deadmau5, Nissan was happy enough to replace his Purrari with a GT-R, of course, still wrapped with Nyan Cat.


6. Josh Gordon’s Camo Panamera

The American football player made sure that his Porsche Panamera is one of a kind by choosing this horrible camouflage for his vehicle and then taking it to another level by coloring its wheels orange.

Look at the car, it just looks depressing.


7. Anton Kasabov’s Custom Mercedes G55 Hamann

Known for his martial arts movies, Anton Kasabov can surely kick ass in films and probably in real life, but his customized Hamann isn’t killing it.


8. Nicki Minaj’s Pink Aventador

I have nothing against the color pink. However, wrapping a $400,000 Lambo in pink and coloring its mags the same shade takes off the sexiness of the Aventador.


9. Paris Hilton’s Pink Bentley

Can’t these celebrities just stop painting their luxury cars pink? Here’s another ugly pink car — heiress Paris Hilton’s Bentley. That car is NOT hot, Paris.


10. Snooki’s Cadillac Escalade

Of course, a member of the infamous Jersey Shore has her vehicle on the list of the ugly celebrity cars. Sure, Snooki opted to paint most of her Escalade black, but she also chose to have its details in pink and to place a tramp stamp on her truck with the word “Boss Lady.” Why, Snooki, why?


11. Tyga’s Gold Audi R8

Gold isn’t a bad color for a car, but I just can’t explain why Tyga’s choice of gold for his Audi R8 looks awful!

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