17 Embarrassing Celebrity Car Moments That Are Cringeworthy

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With fortune and fame, celebrities seem like they’re invincible. That’s why oftentimes, we forget that they too are prone to doing something wrong, making bad choices, and even getting into humiliating moments. Yes, these celebs do experience these cringeworthy moments. Unfortunately for them, these are often caught on camera by the paparazzi, and no matter how small the situation is, it will surely land in the news the next day.

In fact, the pap were able to photograph even some embarrassing celebrity car moments like these on this list:

1. Rihanna’s Struggle with the Aventador

Sure, the Lamborghini Aventador is a sleek car to drive, but getting out of it might be a struggle if you’re wearing stilettos and a super high-slit dress, like Rihanna. The pap were able to capture this moment after the Grammy’s, when she was trying to get out of her then-boyfriend Chris Brown’s vehicle.

2. Dennis Rodman Driving His Custom Hummer

Dennis Rodman sure has an odd style, but nobody was prepared when he was photographed driving his custom-painted Hummer. There’s actually nothing wrong with choosing to change the paint job of a Hummer, but did he really have to choose a design with a basketball and nude ladies on it? Imagine the embarrassment riding in this vehicle!

3. Flo Rida’s Golden Ride

Okay. So this technically isn’t an embarrassing moment, but Flo Rida’s choice for his Bugatti Veyron’s paint job is definitely cringeworthy! The $2.2 million Veyron is already a head turner; why wrap it in a golden chrome color? That’s a little bit too much.

4. Chris Brown’s “Toy Car”

Like Flo Rida, Chris Brown’s choice for his Lamborghini’s wrap is such a fail! Why would you paint a Lambo like a real-life Matchbox? Why, Chris, why?

5. Kendra Wilkinson’s Costly Accident

Like I said earlier, even celebrities find themselves in ugly situations, like this head-on collision accident involving ex-Playboy bunny and reality star Kendra Wilkinson and her Audi S7. Although her expensive sports car was a total wreck, Kendra was lucky she didn’t have any serious injuries.

6. Kanye’s Scratched Lamborghini

I don’t know about you, but if I had the money to buy a Lamborghini Aventador, I’d be very careful driving it to make sure that it wouldn’t suffer any scratches or dents. Unfortunately for his Lambo, Kanye West drove it through the almost-closed gates of his home, leaving some nasty scratches on the $750,000 car. Ouch!

7. Soulja Boy’s Hit and Run Scandal

Rapper Soulja Boy got into a problem with the police in 2013 when his Bentley was involved in a hit-and-run. Fortunately for him, he wasn’t the one driving the car, but his homie Ambrahim Mustafa whom he lent his car to.

8. Lisa Robin Kelly’s Eerie Mug Shot

Okay, nobody expects you to look good in your mug shots, right? Only Jeremy Meeks can get away with that. But this police photo of “That ‘70s Show” cast member Lisa Robin Kelly’s is definitely eerie. In this mug shot, the police has arrested Lisa for DUI; she later died at a rehab facility in California in 2013.

9. Jordan Hill’s Car Crash

Seems like these celebrity embarrassing car moments are teaching us one thing, and that’s to never allow your friends to borrow your car. Just look at what Jordan Hill’s friend did to Hill’s expensive Bentley — he drove it directly into a residential building’s lobby, leaving the beautiful vehicle in total wreck. We’re hoping that the NBA Star has already forgiven his friend.

10. Selena Gomez’ Clueless Moment

Selena Gomez sure loved her BMW X5 when she purchased it in 2013. Unfortunately, when it was time to fill the tank with gas, she found herself clueless as to how to get the gas into the fancy vehicle’s tank. Luckily, there were paparazzi following her who didn’t mind helping her figure things out.

11. Chief Keef’s Arrest On Over Speeding

Even though your vehicle can run 110mph, it doesn’t mean that you have the liberty to make it fly that fast on a 55mph zone. That’s the lesson learned by rapper Chief Keef when he was arrested for speeding in a road in Illinois. Not only that, Chief Keef had three passengers in the car even though he had a permit to have only one. As a result of this stupidity, Keef was brought into custody and had his driver’s license suspended.

12. Justin Bieber’s Leopard Audi

From Flo Rida’s chrome Bugatti and Chris Brown’s real-life Matchbox, here is another case of a paint job gone wrong. Justin Bieber chose to wrap his beautiful Audi R8 in an ugly leopard print. Poor Audi!

13. Mario Balotelli’s Vandalized Bentley

When you’re an Italian football star and you choose to wrap your Bentley in a distinct camo design, your fans (and those who hate you) will surely know when you’re driving in town. Unfortunately for Mario Balotelli, when a fan of his rival team spotted his vehicle, this fan chose to rub his ass all over the poor vehicle’s windows and then proceeded to piss on the car door. What a dedicated fan!

14. Justin Bieber’s Flashy Fisker Karma

Oh no, we’re not yet done with cringeworthy car wraps. Another Justin Bieber car deserves to be named as one of the most humiliating celebrity car wraps. The Bieb drives around his Fisker Karma wrapped in chrome that would surely hurt the eyes of those who pass by it. Shouldn’t this car be illegal on the streets?

15. Rowan Atkinson’s Wrecked McLaren 1

English actor Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean, got himself into a major accident when he drove head-on to a pole with his McLaren F1 supercar. Good thing Atkinson had his car insured, because he needed $1.4 million to restore the wrecked McLaren.

After two major accidents with this car, Atkinson decided to sell this vehicle early in 2015 for £8 million.

16. Justin Bieber’s Multiple Speeding Tickets

Justin Bieber isn’t new to having altercations with the police, but nobody expected that he would be issued not one, not two, but six speeding tickets on a single trip to Dubai! With so many traffic violations in the US and abroad, I wonder why the authorities haven’t revoked his license yet.

17. Rita Ora’s Car Door Incident

Singer Rita Ora probably did too much partying during the latest MTV VMAs that she forgot to move her fingers away from the car door. She even posted this Instagram photo showing her damaged nails. Ouch!

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