15 Outdated Luxury Cars That You Wouldn’t Buy Today

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Usually, when luxury cars are introduced in the market, they are the most coveted and hottest item around. While some of these cars retain or even increase their value over time, especially when they become a collector’s item, unfortunately, there are some outdated luxury cars out there that once cost a fortune, but now are just plain horrible to see.


1. Mercedes-Benz C111

This orange Batmobile-like car sadly never reached production, but only ended up as a testbed by Mercedes-Benz when it was experimenting with rotary engines and speed records in the 60s and 70s.

Although it remained a prototype, a number of the C111 were sold. Had it made into production during that time, this Mercedes would have cost $8,700, which was not a cheap price in that decade.


2. 1935 Singer Pirate Lorry

Is it a car or a gigantic flat iron? There’s not much information about the 1935 Singer Pirate Lorry, but just by looking at it, it’s definitely one of the most horrible-looking cars you’ll ever see.


3. 1970 Bertone Stratos

This is another car that looks more like a home appliance than a vehicle. The Bertone Stratos is a Lancia Stratos futuristic concept car that didn’t gain much attention than the other Lancias.


4. Ferrari Modulo

This concept car was introduced by Italian designer Paolo Martin and was introduced in 1970 at the Geneva Motor Show. What’s the weird thing about this Ferrari? Well, not only does it have an extremely low body, its four wheels are also also partially covered. Crazy, right?


5. Avanti

Sure, the Avantis look sleek and hot today, but check out this one that has a design no words could even describe.


6. Pontiac Grand Am

Not a lot of people love Pontiacs. In fact, Pontiacs are believed to be some of the most horrible cars anyone could own. Just check out the Pontiac Grand Am. Ugly, right?


7. 2002 Ford Thunderbird

A modern chassis trapped in a body of a car from the 50s — that’s what best describes the 2002 Ford Thunderbird. Does this car have an identity crisis? That’s what we’re still trying to figure out.


8. 1986 Chrysler Lebaron

Chrysler is definitely a brand of luxury cars. However, in the 80s, it produced a car that looks like a moving wood cabin, definitely far from the company’s classy designs.


9. 1990’s Chevy Lumina

The Chevrolet Lumina was supposed to be a futuristic mini-van. But just by looking at its design, it doesn’t have any futuristic look to it.


10. Second Generation Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is just plain horrible and ugly. Good thing Ford gave this poor car a facelift when the 2008 models were introduced.


11. Saturn

The automotive manufacturer Saturn was branded as a “different kind of car company.” Sure, it was different all right. Just check out how sad this car looks. Good thing the company decided to stop all production in 2009.


12. Aston Martin Lagonda

Aston Martin is a British manufacturer of luxury cars and it produces some of the sleekest and most top-of-the line vehicles, such as the Aston Martin One-77.

Surely, the Aston Martin Lagonda once had its good days (in the 70s–80s), but now, there’s no room for it other than the garage.


13. Reliant Regal

Nothing is regal in this three-wheeled car that was manufactured until the 70s. It would be such a sin if a model of the Reliant Regal would still be driven on the streets. No wonder Mr. Bean hated this car!


14. Chrysler PT Cruiser

Another vehicle from Chrysler makes the list of the world’s horrible luxury cars. The manufacturer was definitely aiming for a retro look, but retro doesn’t always mean classy. Look how tasteless this PT Cruiser looks like!


15. Pontiac Aztek

Like I said, Pontiacs are definitely horrible cars to own. Just look at this Pontiac Aztek whose rear can turn into an ugly tent.

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