Dubai’s Abandoned Luxury Cars You Wish You Could Save!

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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that is well-known to be home of the wealthy. Being an oil-rich country, most Emiratis and expats who chose to live here love to spend their money on the finest things in life like (you’ve guessed it) supercars. That’s why sightings of Ferraris, Bentleys, and Bugattis are nothing but a part of day-to-day life.

In the recent years, however, the Dubai Police have reported an increasing number (by the thousands) of abandoned luxury cars at the Dubai Airport every year.

Who in their right mind would leave their Lamborghinis and BMWs to rot in the parking lot, right?


Check out this Mercedes Benz that’s “here to stay” at the airport’s parking lot…


Or what about these BMWs covered with dirt? Do their owners have plenty of vehicles to spare so they don’t mind abandoning them?



Unfortunately, BMWs are not the only cars left in the parking lot. There is also this Range Rover that could cost anywhere from $80,000 to almost $200,000.


This Maserati whose original color was black, but is now slowly changing to gray because of dirt.


This other black beast that once turned heads when it rushed through the freeway…


These yellow beauties…


And this supercar that’s too dirty to be recognized.


What could be the true reason why these people would leave their high-end cars, such as this white Audi?


That’s because under the Sharia Law, which is observed in UAE and across the Middle East, not being able to pay your debts is considered a crime. If you fail to pay your dues, such as a car, credit card, or mortgage payment (like the owner of this beautiful Porsche did) you will have no choice but to face imprisonment.


And no, there are no bankruptcy laws that will protect you if you miss paying at least one credit card bill or issue a bouncing check. That’s why individuals, mostly expats, flee Dubai to escape prison, leaving their vehicles behind.



In 2011, the police reported at least 3,000 abandoned luxury vehicles. It is believed that this “phenomenon” is an effect of the financial crisis in the Middle East and the constant fall of the price of oil.

But expats aren’t the only ones leaving their cars behind. Even locals do! Do you think that this Chrysler Crossfire was once owned by an Emirati?


The good news is that, since these cars take too much space in the impound lot, the Dubai police auction off these luxury vehicles at bargain prices! I wonder how much this limited edition Enzo Ferrari was auctioned for?

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