16 Most Hideous Cars You’ll Ever See

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Some people are just not content driving a production car so they end up customizing their vehicle. While most would want their vehicles to look rad or sexy, the hideous cars on this list go anything from ugly to just plain crazy!


1. The Furry Volkswagen

This customized Beetle called “Furbie” looks like a rat, but our guess is that the owner is a huge fan of the robotic toy Furby that looks like a crossbreed of a hamster and an owl. But whatever this car is supposed to look like, it is just downright fugly.

2. Furry Croc/Dino Mobile

What in the world is this? Is this car supposed to look like a stuffed dino or a croc? Also, why did the owner of this poor car have to choose that shade of green? It’s hideous!

3. Horn-y Chevy

The owner of this old, beat up Chevy obviously loves horns because he didn’t just settle for one on his hood, but also placed another bigger animal horn on the top of his van. To add to that, he also decided to paint red flames on his green vehicle, which makes it even uglier.

4. Furry Compact Car

It seems like the car owners on this list can’t get enough of furry exteriors. Here’s another furry car that looks like a smelly rat. Eww!

5. Furry Pink Car

The owner of this car just knows how to customize an ugly car — wrapping his/her vehicle with a shaggy carpet that has an unattractive shade of pink.

6. Pig Car

First of all, who in his right mind would paint his Mercedes-Benz pink? Only Nicki Minaj can do that and get away with it. Second, why the hell would you give your Mercedes a face lift and transform it to a pig, complete with a snout and huge ears? This car’s owner must be totally out of his mind!

7. Grass Mobile

Is it made of a furry green carpet, or was someone successful in planting grass on this car? Whatever the car owner is trying to achieve, it’s not working.

8. 10-door Pick-up

The owner of this vehicle seems to have a huge family, since he customized his truck to fit more than 20 people!

Is this vehicle even legal on the streets? I hope not!

9. Purrrfect Car

Cat lovers may want the concept of this car, but to many, this vehicle looks scary as hell! Imagine seeing it in the dark! What a nightmare, right?

10. The Jeeeep

How can you possibly maneuver this car on the streets if it’s this wide? Plus, parking will also be a problem since you have to find two free spots for this vehicle. What a hassle!

11. Grade School Project

Is it just me or does the custom job of this car look like it was done by second graders? What person in his right mind would glue plastic flowers, fake lashes, cardboard lips, bedazzled jewels, and a DIY giant tiara on a car?!

12. Garfield Car

Here’s another car transformed to look like a cat. This time, it’s colored orange. Why did the owner choose to customize his/her car like this? Well, that’s the question we also want answered!

13. Fish Car

So far there are cars on this list that look like cats, a pig and mice, so let’s add another animal, this time a sad-looking fish!

14. Mooo

Oh no, we’re not done yet with cars that look like animals! Here’s a Volkswagen Beetle wrapped in cow skin. I’m just hoping that’s not real animal skin!

15. Alien Mobile

If you’re into scary-looking aliens, then this custom car might tickle your fancy. But what I’m sure of is that driving this car would never get the ladies interested in you or in your vehicle.

16. Creepy Mobile

If the last car wasn’t scary enough for you, check out this creepy car that has skeletons and zombie babies, making it a perfect Halloween vehicle.

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