17 World’s Most Horrible Luxury Cars

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Driving a supercar like a Maserati, Lamborghini, or a Ferrari will surely make other guys envious. However, there are some luxury cars out there that are sure to turn heads and have people cursing and asking, “What the hell was he thinking?”

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of the world’s most horrible luxury cars.

1. Pink Camo Bugatti Veyron

Oh sure, with over 1000 horsepower under the hood, bringing you to a top speed of more than 400 km/hr, and a design that demands attention, the Bugatti Veyron surely is one of the world’s ultimate super sports cars. However, you would want to rip your eyes out when you see the Japanese designer (the man behind Bape) and DJ, Nigo, drive this pink Veyron accented with, of course, pink camo!

2. Camo Rolls-Royce

Seems like Nigo has a thing for camos, because besides his pink camo Veyron, he also owns a Rolls-Royce wrapped in — surprise, surprise — a camouflage! Oh, Nigo, why do you keep breaking our hearts?

3. Burberry Maserati

We’ve heard of people customizing the interiors of their cars with luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci. But wrapping your Maserati, including the headlights, with the signature Burberry print takes the definition of a tasteless design to a whole new level. This car is such a fashion blunder!

4. Mercedes Dragon

The owner of this Mercedes-Benz S5 AMG might have had a childhood dream of owning a pet dragon. Unfortunately, even with the advancement of science, mutation, and genetics, dragons still don’t exist.

Whoever owns this Mercedes made sure to fulfill his dream by painting his luxury vehicle like a scaly reptile and designing the headlights like the eyes of a dragon.

5. Red Gold Dream

Another Mercedes lands on this list of the world’s most horrible luxury cars. This time, it’s a Mercedes-McLaren SLR designed by Ueli Anliker. Although he’s selling this car at a whopping $11 million (probably because of the gold-plated wheels), the “Red Gold Dream” may not be the car of your dreams.

6. Lowered Hummer

A lot of people love Hummers because these vehicles combine both luxury and function. While the interiors give you comfort, the power and design allow you to go off-road at ease. Sadly, this ugly lowered Hummer just defeated the purpose of the car.

7. The Green Monster

The Mercedes-Benz four-wheel-drive truck Unimog may not be for everybody. But this Unimog that looks like an ugly green monster may turn you off even more.

8. Hello Kitty Ferrari

There are thousands of people who go ga-ga over this feline from Japan. But choosing to color your Ferrari Testarossa an ugly shade of pink and then painting a huge photo of Hello Kitty on its hood is like a slap on the face of people who are in love with these supercars.

9. Spider-Man Car

The Japanese surely have an out-of-this-world style. Just look at this weird-looking customized Spider-Man car. Sure, that paint job looks great, but how odd do those wheels look, right?

If you’re wondering, under all that paint is a 2000 Toyota Celica.


10. Ton Pret Ferrari

Great artists can turn any canvas into a piece of art, but what I don’t get is how turning this Ferrari F355 makes it a masterpiece. Can anyone shed light on this?

11. Camo Lambo

We’ve seen a lot of Lamborghinis painted and customized the way their owners want them to be. But did Chris Brown really have to pick such awful colors for his car? Poor Lambo, painted a horrible camouflage.

12. The Patriotic Ferrari

Patriotism isn’t bad at all, but c’mon! Covering your Ferrari with paintings of the American flag isn’t making any American proud.

Good thing this is only a virtual custom car from the Test Drive Unlimited 2 video game. Phew!


13. 80s Spandex Ferrari

This car is another blunder to the beautiful Ferrari. With a car like the 458 Italia, I’m sure you would want to keep it as sleek and stylish as possible. But the owner of this Ferrari might have had a different idea when he or she chose to color his silver 458 with streaks of green, pink, and blue — making it actually look like Spandex from the 80s!

14. Audi R8 Leopard Prints

Even with some controversies surrounding him, the Bieb seems to get away with anything, including painting his beautiful Audi R8 with leopard prints! Oh sure, his car would turn heads alright, but he sure won’t get the nod of approval of many for choosing this ugly paint job for his supercar.

15. Military Ferrari 430

It’s as if camouflage is a favorite for horrible paint jobs. Here’s a Ferrari 430 painted with brown camo. How original, right?


16. Brown Audi R8

There’s no issue with choosing to color an Audi R8 brown. However, this shade of brown gives me a queasy feeling since it reminds me of the “thing” I see in the toilet bowl when I do #2.


17. Maserati GranSport Scribbles

Here’s probably what the owner of this Maserati GranSport was thinking when he picked the custom design for his supercar: “Add scribbles on the sides and choose the ugliest shade of fatigue green for my Maserati! That’ll be great!” Oh, God bless him!

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